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S.No Amount Charges
1 Upto Rs.10,000 Rs.50
2 Rs.10,001 to Rs.1,00,000 Rs.100
3 Above Rs .1,00,000 Rs.150
* Plus Service Tax @ 18%

S.No Amount Charges
1 Upto Rs.1,000 Rs.25
2 Rs.1,001 to Rs.5,000 Rs.50
3 Rs.5,001 to Rs.10,000 Rs.75
4 Rs.10,001 to Rs.20,000 Rs.150
5 Above Rs.20,000 Rs.8 per1000, Minimum Rs.160
* Plus Service Tax @ 18%

S.No Particulars Charges
1 Issue of duplicate Demand Draft / Pay Order Rs.100
2 Cancellation of Demand Draft / Pay Order Rs.50
3 Revalidation of Demand Draft / Pay Order Rs.50
4 Issue of MICR cheque book – per leaf S.B. A/c. Rs.3 per leaf in excess of 40 free leaves per calendar year.
5 Cash withdrawal per year Rs.2 per withdrawal(minimum Rs.10) if exceeds 60 withdrawals per year..
6. Issue of duplicate passbook Savings Bank / Recurring Deposit with latest balance Rs.100 (Rs.100 for every 40 entries)
7 Stop payment of cheque / ECS debit Rs.50 per occasion per cheque / ECS Debit. Maximum Rs.250.
8 Enquiry relating to old records Rs.25
9. Standing instructions Rs.25
10 Loss of tokens Rs.100
11 Cheque / ECS Return
a) Inward cheque / ECS Debit Rs.100
b) Outward cheque Rs.100 Cheque upto Rs.50,000 – Rs.100 Cheque above Rs.50,000 – Rs.200
12. Ledger folio charges for current account Rs.75 per L.F.
Average Balance: Free folios 12. upto Rs.50,000 Nil
Rs.50001 to Rs.2,00,000 3 folios
13. Charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance Rs.75 per L.F.
a) Savings Bank Account
With cheque facility
Rs.50 per quarter / occasion (whichever is more)
Without cheque facility Nil
b) Current Account Rs.50 per quarter / occasion (whichever is more)
14. Inoperative Account for more than 1 year
a) Savings Bank Account
If balance above Rs.1000
Nil, if minimum balance is maintained.
If balance less than Rs.1000 Rs.50 per year. Balance less than Rs.50, account will be closed.
b) Current Account Rs.100 per year (if balance is less than Rs.3000 for individual account, and Rs.5000 for institutional account).
15. Closure of account before one year from the date of opening
a) Savings Bank Account Rs.100
b) Current Account Rs.200
c) Recurring Deposit Nil
16. Locker operation charges Rs.20 per visit (for more than 36 free visits per calendar year)
17. Issue of Certificate of Balance (excluding Cooperatives) Rs.100
18. Attestation of customer signature Rs.50
* All services attract service tax @ 18%